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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening applications for a Perfect smile compatible with your teeth

Teeth Whitening Treatment is a cosmetic treatment method applied by Aesthetic Dentistry for perfect smile designs with the use of advanced technology. Teeth whitening treatments, which are the most preferred and trendy application in recent years..

It is a cosmetic treatment that can be done by anyone who is not satisfied with the color of the teeth, who wants to have a more beautiful tooth appearance for aesthetic purposes who is disturbed by the stains etc. on their teeth. Every person wants their teeth to look whiter. Because the white teeth cause positive changes in the self-confidence and quality of life of the person. After treatment, you can have a more fresh breath, a healthy mouth and teeth free from bacteria. Changes in tooth color occur due to different factors that occur over time in the mouth and tooth structure.

These stain-like images that occur on the teeth occur depending on internal (metabolic disorders) and external (organic and inorganic stains) factors. In these two cases, unwanted color changes, stains and possible future decay in the teeth and deterioration in your tooth structure (pit formations, speckles) may occur.

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Contrary to what is known, tooth whitening process cleans the bacterial plaques on the tooth surface without damaging the tooth surface thanks to its special structure. It penetrates into the deepest parts of the porous structure on the tooth and ensures the breakdown and removal of organic bacterial wastes that cause color formation. In this way, it provides a more sincere, more radiant whiteness.

Teeth whitening, which is performed under the control of Specialist Dentists in the field, is more harmless, long-lasting and more effective if the latest technology special gels and laser devices are used. The rate of color change of your teeth after the whitening process is directly related to the quality of the material used, as well as the natural color and surface structure of your existing teeth.Regular oral care and dental cleaning are very important for your oral health.

If deemed necessary, your Specialist Dentist may recommend additional treatment methods to achieve a perfect smile and shiny teeth. Cliniqa Dental World uses Teeth Whitening Products and Equipment with high standards that are accepted worldwide with Specialist Dentists. Our only goal is to achieve the tooth color tone you want, our expert recommendations about your oral care and to leave our clinic satisfied.

We hope to see you among the happy patients of Cliniqa Dental World.

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