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Founder's Message

Cliniqa Dental World Founder Specialist Doctor Ömer Polat's Message - Istanbul Turkey

Cliniqa Dental World Founder Specialist Doctor Ömer Polat's Message

Oral and Dental Health is a vital issue for every individual. Acquiring this habit from an early age helps maintain your physiological and psychological health throughout your entire life.

Oral and Dental Care procedures, which are mainly applied in America and European Countries, have started to be widely used and adopted in the world. In particular, the habit of brushing teeth has become a constant routine that is transmitted from generation to generation.

In parallel with all these developments, the environment and air pollution, the side effects of the drugs used, the foods consumed, harmful habits and the lifestyle of individuals continue to create negativities that can be called evolution in tooth and gum diseases.

Thanks to modern medicine, dental diseases are treated with 99% success. With the developing technologies, all dental treatment procedures such as tooth loss, tooth correction treatments, having healthier and cleaner teeth can now be applied in very short processes. Most treatments are guaranteed for life.

As Cliniqa Dental World, we are proud to offer our patients the treatment methods accepted all over the world with the latest technologies with our experienced team of Specialist Dentists.

We have special methods that we apply to our patients who have tooth sensitivity and fear / phobia of dentists. We carry out successful operations with the interest and diligence of our friendly and professional team. Your smile is one step away, you are invited to our clinic.

With Cliniqa Dental World you will have a very different dental treatment experience.


Specialist Dr. Ömer Polat

Cliniqa Dental World Founder

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