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Founder's Message

Cliniqa Dental World Founder Specialist Doctor Ömer Polat's Message - Istanbul Turkey

Cliniqa Dental World Founder Specialist Doctor Ömer Polat's Message

Hello, I am Orthodontic Specialist Dr. Ömer POLAT, founder of Cliniqa Dental World. Welcome to our website, I would like to give you a little information.

Smile is a universal language, and we often prefer to use it with pleasure instead of words.  At the same time, the most natural action people take when they are happiest is called smile. However, with a mouth structure with aesthetic or health problems, you may have difficulty smiling and feel unhappy.

As Specialist Dr. Ömer Polat, I have determined that the biggest obstacle in front of individuals who want to have a healthy mouth structure and a happy smile is the fear and insecurity caused by the wrong dental treatment experiences they experience.

During my doctoral education, I completed my doctoral thesis in the field of patient psychology and aimed to provide fearless and reliable treatment services to my patients. In my professional life, I established the Cliniqa Dental World Brand with the awareness that perfect service can only be achieved with a perfectionist team and state-of-the-art facilities.

The vision of our brand is to provide the highest quality and most comfortable professional treatments that our patients can reach with 100% patient satisfaction.

With Cliniqa Dental World, we guarantee that you will have a perfect treatment process with our professional dentists who are recognized in Turkey, successful in their fields and specially trained in expertise. You will witness all our staff doing their job with great passion and you can be sure that you will feel the warmth of a family from the first moment you enter our clinic.

Your oral and dental care is in safe hands with the equipment, each of which is a wonder of technology separately used in our clinic, all materials and materials produced in high quality. Thousands of patients coming from Turkey and all over the world are currently successfully applied by our specialist physicians and also on our website;

You can have detailed information about many treatments such as dental spa trends, digital accelerated orthodontic treatments, painless advanced surgical applications, dental implants with lifetime guarantee, personalized smile designs.

You are very close to the smile you have been dreaming of. Regain your oral and dental health with the Cliniqa Dental World difference.

I look forward to welcoming you to the exclusive world of Cliniqa Dental World for bolder and more beautiful smiles.

Hope to see you soon.


Specialist Orthodontist Dr. Ömer Polat

Cliniqa Dental World Founder

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