Cliniqa Dental World, Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic | Cliniqa Dental World is a Professional Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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In Cliniqa Dental World, it is very easy to find the best solution for your problem and to be treated. You can contact with our dentists quickly via phone, WhatsApp, e-mail and other communication channels, explain your problem and after the necessary diagnostic procedures, you can get the smile immediately you desire with the treatment your dentist approves.

Cliniqa Dental World, provides personalized treatment solutions to patients from Turkey and different countries of the world to regain their oral and dental health. 

Oral and dental treatment fees vary according to the methods applied for the problems of the patients and the services provided. As a result of the diagnosis made by the dentist regarding the patient's problem, the most appropriate treatment option will be determined and priced accordingly. You can contact with our clinic to get information about the appropriate treatments for your problem and get the necessary information about treatment fees.

In 48 area of expertise such as child, adult, preventive and corrective orthodontic treatments, smile design, lamina, porcelain and zirconium dental veneers, teeth whitening, tooth crystal, bonding aesthetic applications, dental implant, root canal treatment, dental filling, dental prosthesis, pediatric dentistry and dental SPA treatment services are provided by the specialist dentists.

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