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Dental SPA Treatments

A Whiter And Brighter Smile With Dental Spa Treatments

With Dental SPA Treatments, healthy teeth and gums care, a sophisticated experience away from the stress of general dental clinic with a refreshed breath awaits you.

If you are worn out by the intense stress of life, have not been able to pay enough attention to dental care and think that your breathing is bothering you and those around you while talking, our dental spa treatment is for you.

Dental Spa Practices is an application that will offer you a completely different experience as well as a treatment in which your teeth and gums are cleaned in detail. In the Dental Spa, a completely different ambience without a dental chair that triggers the fears of our patients with dental phobia in a dim room accompanied by candle lights welcomes you.

With 3D VR virtual reality glasses, you can get away from the stress of the day, or if you want to in a forest, you can walk around the beach with different aromas you choose with detailed and in-depth 360 degree mouth cleaning.

After our Dental Spa application, you will leave with a fresh and hygienic feeling in the mouth as much as you feel relaxed. While the general care of your teeth is done with Dental SPA, your tartar, gum problems and getting whiter teeth are both fast and fun. With this unique application supported by the latest technological methods and relaxing special aromas, the fear of dentists comes to an end.

Cliniqa Dental World brings a holistic approach to treatment by offering a wide range of preventive and cosmetic dentistry services that improve patients' smiles and overall quality of life with its expertise. With our friendly staff and personalized approaches, we ensure that you have a positive treatment process by relieving even the most stressed dental patients.

Cliniqa Dental World Dental SPA Treatments

Tartar Cleaning

It is the process of cleaning the layers accumulated on the teeth.

With special ultrasonic and periodontal devices, these plaques are cleaned and bad breath, gum diseases, tooth loss due to gum diseases and tooth decay are prevented. With the subsequent polishing process, your teeth will have a more radiant, healthy and perfect appearance.

Gum Care

Did you know that the most important cause of tooth loss is insufficient gum health?

Tooth bleeding, tooth shaking is the most prominent feature of gum disorders. You can prevent unhealthy gum appearance, gingival inflammations and related tooth loss with early diagnosis. Gum care is the process of restoring the health of especially bulging and redder gums with early intervention without causing possible dental problems / losses in the future.

Mouth Shower

It is a comfortable treatment with massage feature that cleans between the teeth and the inside of the mouth. With this method, which provides air-supported cleaning in areas where toothbrush and dental floss cannot enter, your teeth are cleaned in every aspect to ensure a fresh breath and excellent all-round care.

Teeth Whitening

With teeth whitening, which is the last stage of dental SPA treatments, whiter and brighter smiles are waiting for you.

With the tooth whitening process performed under the control of a professional dentist, your aesthetic concerns will end and you will have a happier smile. Special gel cures eliminate the stains and discolorations on the tooth and you can get a healthy mouth structure, perfect teeth and a fresh breath. Teeth whitening, which is performed under the control of Specialist Dentists in the field, is more harmless, long-lasting and more effective if the latest technology special gels and laser devices are used.

Contact our experts to achieve the perfect smile. Cliniqa Dental World is a Professional Oral and Dental Health Clinic.

Cliniqa Dental World is a Professional Oral and Dental Health Clinic. It provides service in Istanbul European Side, Etiler Region, Ulus, Beşiktaş Turkey.

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