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About Us

Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry & Clinic Istanbul Turkey - Latest Dental Treatment Methods

In Dental Treatments, Step by Step to the Summit since 2014.

Cliniqa Dental World, which prioritizes trust and patient satisfaction in the health sector, is a Professional Oral and Dental Health Clinic that treats individuals who need healthier and higher quality oral and dental care.

Since 2014, he has received specialized training in his fields and continues his services with a team that is strong, innovative and dedicated to his profession.

Our clinic provides personalized treatment solutions to patients from Turkey and different countries of the world to regain their oral and dental health.

Latest technology Surgical Implants, Clear Plaque Treatments (Orthodontics) and Dental SPA Trends and all the Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry practices you may need are at Cliniqa Dental World.

A Comfortable Treatment Process is Waiting For You

We guarantee you! We will welcome you in an ambiance, peaceful and friendly environment that you have never seen before. The friendliness of all our employees and our Doctor Team will surprise you.

Our aim is to make you feel relaxed and welcomed just like a part of your family when you visit our clinic. With Cliniqa Dental World's professional staff, you will be able to find protective, restorative and cosmetic dental treatments not only for you but also for your whole family in International Standards.

Don't Panic, Take A Seat in One Seat. Your Entire Treatment Process is Under Control

A stress-free treatment process, fast permanent solutions and all services under one roof. This is not a dream!  With Cliniqa Dental World, all kinds of aesthetic prostheses and painless surgical procedures are waiting for you along with 360-degree care and treatments of tooth loss, damaged teeth, tooth crowding that causes you to hide your smile and gum diseases.

Moreover, with permanent and successful results accompanied by Specialist Dentists.

Our Top Priority is Your Individual Oral Hygiene and Psychological Health

Cliniqa Dental World offers a privileged, customized and unique experience to its patients with its high hygiene and comfort conditions as well as modern technological treatment equipment in Dental Care and Treatments.

3D Dental Treatment applications, advanced technology x-ray, software and visual use. Virtual Reality environment and treatment applications with VR are offered in our clinic.

100% Customer Satisfaction Over 10,000 Patients from 45 Different Countries

In addition to Turkey, Cliniqa Dental World applies a complete Dental Care procedure to its patients from different countries and geographies.

All necessary information for oral and dental health is made and the decision of the whole process from the beginning to the end is made with the joint decision of the Patient-Physician and the procedures are started by keeping the wishes of the patients in the foreground.

Since the process proceeds completely transparently, the price policy is also created in this direction, and the cost increases that may occur later are prevented.

As Cliniqa Dental World, we would like you to know that we apply the Transparent Price Policy.

Discover the Difference!

The Cliniqa family works with each of its employees to provide maximum efficiency and comfort in your dental treatments. Our top priority is to ensure that you leave our clinic satisfied and smiling. Since our establishment, we have been carrying out systematic R & D studies by following all the necessary technical and psychological trainings, current trends and the latest technology with all our personnel.

We welcome you to Cliniqa Dental World for complete and guaranteed oral and dental health care.

Cliniqa Dental World Professional Oral and Dental Health Clinic is located on the European Side of Istanbul, Etiler Region Ulus, Besiktas - Istanbul, Turkey.

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