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Reviews of our valued patients who are satisfied with our dental treatments and service quality.

One of my biggest problems was the appearance of my teeth. This topic was always being come up by my colleagues in the workplace. My yellowed teeth were my nightmare. While searching for a dentist on the internet, I came across the Dental Home website. I found the most recommended doctor for teeth whitening. I got white teeth by her treatment. I really couldn't think this could happen. Thank you. 

Ahmet B.

It's many a long day since I wanted to have tooth crystal. I thought my teeth were beautiful and I wanted to make a change by having a tooth diamond. I contact my dentist through the dental home website I came across on the internet. He said that teeth need to be cleaned first and then he will attach the crystal. The tooth crystal was so beautiful that I said I wish I hadn't waited for years. Many thanks to him.

Melike D.

I searched for a dentist on the internet to have a full porcelain dental veneer. I saw and contacted the most recommended dentists on your aesthetic dentistry page. They made my porcelain dental veneers in a really short time. I was very surprised by the appearance of my new teeth as I was very unhappy with the former appearance of my teeth. I suggest everyone to smile as they wish before it is too late.

Kübra K.
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