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Implant Treatments

With professional implant practice, your chewing ability and tooth vision will be restored.

The implant is a miracle application that gives full function to the mouth structure placed in place of the missing teeth. With Implant Treatment, you can achieve an excellent, long-term solution in our oral and dental care. 

Professional Dental Implant Treatments with the Best Implant Brands are waiting for you in our Dental Clinic located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The most preferred FDA approved implants in the world such as Bego (Germany), Straumann (Switzerland), Nobel (Switzerland), Osstem (South Korea) are at Cliniqa Dental World with Specialist Dentists (Implantation Specialists).

Natural, Aesthetic and Flawless

Don't let your smile go away, feel like yourself again and start smiling. With Cliniqa Dental World Implant treatments, you can have a healthier, more comfortable and lasting smile. You will also regain your ability to eat, chew and speak as before.

Tooth Loss and Alternative Treatments?

There may be different causes of tooth loss, these are tooth extraction, gum disease, broken or decayed teeth. Tooth loss is inevitable as a result of deformations that progress to the root of the tooth over time and advanced gum diseases.

The gap formed in the place of the lost teeth must be filled. Otherwise, the area with a cavity may be exposed to pressure as a result of eating and drinking activities, causing the jaw bone in that area to melt, facial appearance changes and the tendency of the palate to collapse downwards.

It also causes digestive system problems as a result of insufficient chewing.

Prostheses or bridges can be applied to this empty area, but factors such as cutting and reduction of other teeth and wear as a result of exposure to excess load and maintenance costs make it difficult to use them in the long term. In addition, in some cases, it moves and the effect of having a foreign body in the mouth lasts for many years.

Why Dental Implants?

The implant mimics your tooth structure because it is directly connected to the jawbone with Dental Treatments. It does not move, does not slip, is fixed.

It becomes more comfortable, natural-looking and aesthetic, and thanks to the applications made by the specialist physicians, it provides full function by completing the replacement of the lost tooth just like your old tooth. It shows excellent results in eating, drinking, swallowing, talking, biting and smiling. With Implant Technology, an impressive, perfectly developed appearance, a permanent, healthy, comfortable and confident smile are waiting for you.

What are the Benefits of Implant Teeth?

  • It is a better method for oral health.
  • It is permanent and natural-looking, does not lose function and integrates with the chin.
  • It offers unique chewing ability.
  • Prevents bone loss, improves facial appearance.
  • It is very sturdy and safe, becomes a fixed part of your mouth, can be used for many years.
  • It provides happy and confident smiles.

Is My Jawbone Suitable for Dental Implant?

After tooth extraction, melting begins in the jawbone. Even in patients where this melting is very advanced and there is too much bone loss to implant at first glance, it is possible to implant with advanced implant surgeries.

In our clinic, the process of restoring (augmentation) of the bone that has melted and lost is performed professionally by specialist physicians. Implant application is performed during the bone recovery process or after sufficient time has passed for bone formation.

Zygomatic Implant Treatment

Zygomatic implants are special implants that are supported by the cheekbone (zygoma) and applied 2 or 4 according to the jaw condition to patients who cannot be implanted even with standard or advanced implant surgeries who have had very serious bone resorption in the upper jaw.

These are the systems that give patients who cannot have implants or any prosthesis type for the upper jaw the chance to use fixed prosthesis. Zygomatic implant practices are a surgery that requires expertise in the field. In our clinic, we perform Zygomatic Implant Practices under local anesthesia by specialist physicians and our professional team.

All On Four - All On Six

The All on Four and All on six concept is made for completely toothless people who had their teeth extracted many years ago, or who have lost a lot of bone in the back areas. Without the need for extra advanced surgeries, it allows to make a fixed prosthesis on the implant.

In our clinic, we routinely perform all on four and all on six implants and implant prostheses by specialist physicians.

Dental Implant and Clinic Selection in Turkey

Implants are personalized and each tooth is designed and shaped in accordance with the actual tooth structure. Their shape, form and compatibility with other teeth are adjusted and placed to fit your own teeth exactly. Therefore, your choice of Implant Clinic is very important. In order to avoid unwanted negativity, we recommend that you start your treatment process with competent Professional Dentists.

Meet Cliniqa Dental World Implant Expertise!

Our clinic brings together implant technologies with you with 8 years of experience and countless implant references. Our experienced team will prepare you for this and share relaxing information, pictures and patient success stories.

In the first meeting, a 3D Dimensional map of your mouth is made with the latest technology and a special maintenance plan is made according to your needs and the process is started. Afterwards, the appropriate number, type and program of implants are made with the patient-physician interview, fee information is made and treatment is started.

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