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Dental Prosthesis Treatments

Smile Again, Chew Again Rejuvenate with Modern Dental Prosthesis Practices

Dental prostheses are a preferred treatment method when the patient's mouth structure is not suitable for implants, coatings or bridges. There are three types of prosthesis practices that can be used by patients who have difficulty due to tooth loss: fixed, removable and implant-top.

During your visit to our clinic, the prosthesis you need under the control of a specialist doctor and the most suitable for your jaw bone and face structure and to complete your smile character is selected. With the help of our Specialist Doctors and porcelain artists who serve in the sensitivity of the artist who creates a work of art, your selected prostheses are applied and your smile, which is your private brand, is determined and your tooth deficiencies are eliminated.

With prosthesis treatments, it is primarily aimed to increase the patient's self-confidence and quality of life.

Let's Get To Know Dental Prostheses More Closely

The most obvious element that we have a healthy mouth structure is our teeth. It ensures that all oral functions such as laughing, talking, chewing and swallowing work flawlessly. Tooth loss can create problems in the systematic functioning of these functions. Health The fact that the patient does not have a smile, cannot eat comfortably or has a speech disorder causes the patient to suffer both socially and psychologically. In addition, with the structural problems that occur in the facial features, this situation can also cause purely aesthetic concerns.

It is now possible to return the comfortable and convenient oral functions of patients who cannot be treated with different dental treatments to normal with modern dental prosthesis treatments.  

Fixed Dental Prosthesis

They are dental prostheses that can be used in both multiple and single tooth losses. It has a more natural and aesthetic appearance, which remains in the mouth constantly. It has a better chewing function than removable prostheses.

Removable Dental Prosthesis

It is a preferred application for the treatment of missing teeth in tooth loss. They are easy to use apparatus that can be removed and installed practically when desired. They are used in complete or partial multiple tooth loss, in patients without back teeth. They are not distinguished from natural and real teeth when they are designed by expert technicians and manufactured according to the quality of the material used.

However, although removable prostheses are more economical than fixed prostheses, they are not preferred as much as possible due to the negative effects they have on the jawbone and the natural teeth around it over the years.

Dental Implant of Top Prostheses

Implant prosthesis types are divided into 2 as fixed and mobile. Implant-mounted dentures, which are more advantageous than removable dentures, have been in great demand in recent years, despite tooth loss.

Dental Implant of Top Prostheses Types and Features

Fixed Prostheses: Among the types of implant prostheses, fixed prostheses are in the first place. Single crowns, multiple crowns or, in the case of people who have no teeth at all, in the form of full-mouth crowns; they are fixed, aesthetic and closest to your own tooth. It is the most useful type of prosthesis for people who have lost their teeth or teeth and is the closest to their own teeth.

Removable Prostheses: Another prosthesis as a type of implant prosthesis is the movable ones. It provides easier use of removable prostheses for patients who do not have a tooth in their mouth. Implant-mounted removable prostheses are apparatuses placed on the artificial root attached to the jaw.  Porcelain or zirconium, Acrylic or metal-supported acrylic materials are preferred.

What are the materials of dental prostheses? (E-max, Zirconium, metal-supported porcelaines)

3 materials are used in the construction of both dental and implant prostheses. These are; E-max are porcelain crowns supplemented with zirconium and metal. Among them, the most aesthetic and closest to the detailed appearance of the human tooth are the E-max crowns.

Their aesthetic appearance and gingival harmony are very good, but they cannot be preferred in long bridges and multiple tooth deficiencies. Because they are more fragile and sensitive than other materials. In these cases or in areas where there is a lot of chewing pressure, zirconium crowns may be preferred for maximum aesthetic appearance.

Aesthetically, they are very close to the human tooth and are very durable materials. Metal supported crowns, on the other hand, are aesthetically satisfactory enough when quality materials are used and made with good workmanship. They are more cost-effective compared to other materials. In some cases, these choices are made by our specialist physicians according to the general tooth and lower-upper jaw relationship. 

Discover Cliniqa Dental World's Professional Dental Prosthesis Applications!  A healthier mouth structure, the aesthetic smiles you desire are your right.

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