VIP Services, Feel the Cliniqa Difference with VIP Dental Care Services. We are in Istanbul, Turkey. | Cliniqa Dental World is a Professional Dental Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.
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VIP Services

Feel the Cliniqa Difference with VIP Dental Care Services. We are in Istanbul, Turkey.

A more special process awaits you with VIP Dental Care Services that we offer exclusively to our valued patients who prefer Cliniqa Dental World in Oral and Dental Care treatments. In particular, we guarantee easier and more comfortable treatment care for our patients who want to come to our Dental Clinic for treatment from outside Istanbul, Turkey or from different countries.

In these services we offer personally, airport welcome, transportation with VIP vehicles and trained drivers, luxury accommodation opportunities (hotels with 5 years), all the details necessary to make you feel special during the treatment process have been brought together for you.

Our priority is to receive quality services in our clinic and a care service away from stress and anxiety. In addition, we plan all our preparations specifically for you to improve both your Oral and Dental Health and your psychological health.

VIP Dental Treatments Services (These services are provided by our contracted agencies.)

Airport pick-ups & Transfer

  • With our smiling team who speaks your language,
  • Special companion protocol, VIP Car with your special booked room in a 5-star hotel and your patient consultant who speaks your language,
  • Perfect communication and information flow and unlimited internet facilities,
  • All the work you need to make you feel at home,
  • Airport transfer and boarding after operation

Tour & Sightseeing

Istanbul tour with VIP vehicles and trained drivers according to your request

Post-Treatment Support

After your treatment is completed and you return to your home, our constantly accessible team will continue to serve you.

Feel the Cliniqa Dental World Difference!

All treatment and services performed in our clinic before and after are covered by warranty and will be followed by the Cliniqa Brand. It is our highest priority to give you the best service with our team that you can always reach.

After the end of your entire treatment process, your transfer to the airport will be carried out and you will be able to go to your country in a healthy way. Detailed reports on the transaction will be presented to you in English.

Not only you but your whole family are invited to the Dental Clinic Cliniqa Dental World. Our Location is Istanbul, Turkey.

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