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Specialist Dr. Ömer Polat

Specialist Dr. Ömer Polat

New generation tooth correction treatments with modern technologies.

Who is Dr. Ömer Polat?

Dr. Ömer Polat, one of the successful names in his field, graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry.

Dr. Ömer Polat received his doctoral education in the Department of Orthodontics after successfully completing his undergraduate education in 2010. Ömer Polat, who has made presentations in many national and international congresses, serves his patients in Cliniqa Dental World dental clinic, which he founded with treatments.

Meet Orthodontic Specialist Dr. Ömer Polat to get the best treatment service with the latest technology methods for your oral and dental health.

Studies and Professional Experience

Dr. Ömer Polat, who made oral and written presentations in many domestic and international congresses during his doctoral education, completed his education in 2014 and received the title of expert.

Dr. Ömer Polat, who closely follows the developments and the latest technology treatments in his field and applies them to his patients, has different certificates in the field of orthodontic treatment. He is also a member of Turkish Orthodontic Society, Turkish Dental Association and European Orthodontic Society.

He founded Cliniqa Dental World to provide the best treatment services to his patients and provided thousands of people with healthy teeth.

Areas of Expertise and Services

Orthodontic Specialist Dr. Ömer Polat follows the developments and innovations in the field of pediatric and adult orthodontics in order to produce permanent and fast solutions to the complaints of his patients.

Along with the field of orthodontics in which it is an expert, it aims to provide a free and healthy smile to its patients who are not satisfied with their oral health and smile with aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and general dentistry treatments.

If you want to get your health and live a happy life, contact Orthodontic Specialist Dr. Ömer Polat.

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